Day 11 - Panajachel Part 2

With crust in our eyes and sunshine in our hearts, we rose from an extended and much needed sleep-in. With all of us accounted for we headed to breakfast. Bottom-less pancakes and orange juice were the only two options on the menu. The minimum selection did not stop us from stuffing our faces. We stumbled back to our rooms with full stomachs and sweaty palms. After a good 35 minutes of recuperation we headed off for our last adventure in Panajachel.

We were all supposed to meet at the beach with the “beautiful view,” unfortunately our hopes were crushed when gray clouds swept the sky. Pictures were taken and smiles were forced, but wait were we all there? “Where’s Judy?” a voice cracked. Eyes searched the crowed for the only freshman girl on the trip. Seconds later a voice peeped, “Yeah Emma is gone too,” most of us disregarded, and we headed to a very elite and prestigious lunch. Again our stomachs pardoned the thought of Judy and Emma’s disappearance, but what we all disregarded was the almighty and mysterious powers of the wonderful Mike. With swag flowing from his ears and hip but smooth bounce to his step, Mike appeared with both Judy and Emma. “We lost track of time,” was their only excuse.

After lunch we were told to meet back at the hotel precisely at 2:30 due to the fact that we couldn’t miss our bus. Because of this we were all in sprints. We made it back just in time. The bus ride back was beautiful but monotonous; beautiful because we were driving over steep cliffs and treachery roads, monotonous because it was extremely packed and easily two and a half hours long. The monotonous part paid off when we realized our driver had a shotgun and we could take pictures with him when we got back—badass, huh.

We got back with two hours before dinner; giving us almost enough time to meander around. With food on our mind we all struck a conversation involving our favorite food from the United States (trust me on this, never have this conversation on an incredibly empty stomach). When dinner came around we all fought for our place in line. Spaghetti was for dinner, and there was plenty of it. With our plates licked and our hunger satisfied, we dwelled in our own thoughts wondering what to do.  Scrabble? Poker? Massage train? None seemed right. “OSCARS! THE OSCARS ARE ON,” someone yelled. If there was a world record time for gathering around the television we would gladly accept first place. The Social Network was the crowd favorite for best motion picture, but when the King’s Speech won, our hearts sank and boos filled the room. I knew the night was over when toothbrushes  filled the mouths  of 14 tired teenagers. No one seemed to stay up too late. The lights shut off, and the doors slammed shut. The day was officially over. Goodnight day 11, we’re going to miss you.

- Guest written by Kit