Day 12 - The Last Day

I have heard a lot songs of many varieties in my short 17 years, but never have I hear a song as horrific as the song played this morning. It consisted of a man screaming, yes that’s it.  We all awoke in rage besides Abe, the mastermind who demised the whole plan. Fortunately for us, there were fresh pancakes served immediately; this satisfied all of us. There wasn’t much time for us to get ready after breakfast, due to the inconsistent  bus driver. The bus came and we all ran outside. We headed to the school for our last day in the lab. The morning’s agenda looked somewhat like this: “Kit, Azor, and Alex can you actually do something?” Pause. “Stop playing pinball.” But this request was never met, we kept playing pinball until we were dragged from our seats and forced to turn off our computers.

With the lab completely done, and the day still young we headed off to wander the streets of Antigua.  Our wallets were practically  empty, coinciding with our stomachs. This left two options:  either  spend the rest of what we have on McDonald’s or head back to Mary’s for a free and delicious lunch. This  had everyone heading back to Mary’s. We were met with the two cutest little puppies that we eventually discovered had fleas. The rest of the afternoon was filled with people venturing in and out of the house to spend time in the markets and Pollo Camperos of Antigua.

At around 7, Mary prepared a wonderful speech and dinner for us. There was also cake. Jenny and Hannah also made short speeches, and then yelled at us to pack our bags this evening. The rest of the night was spent hurriedly cramming all of our possessions into tubs so that we could transport them back into the United States. The main issues were that Jenny went out and purchased the largest painting possible (of course it does not fit in the tub) and that Alex spent most of his money on various machetes. There is a tub solely dedicated to Alex’s machetes and Kit’s enormous textile. A widespread search for the TSC laptop charger was put into place. It was not found and we were just left with many mismatched and dirty socks. The laptop charger is officially MIA and that is the reason for the delay of these much anticipated blogs. I am currently writing this on Jan’s laptop (thank you!). We are now sitting in the girl’s room playing some freak game of Scrabble on iPod touches.

We will see you all tomorrow.

Good night Guatemala,
-Guest written by Kit