July 23 - August 6, 2013

El dia tres

On this glorious morning, we were treated to massive servings of oatmeal served with strawberries, bananas, and juice.

We scooted on over to Safe Passage (K-12) and began installing the fixed computers and our LAN connection. We attempted to save computer 21 –our one extra– but due to a thoroughly busted internal power supply and lack of replacements, it didn’t make it...

R.I.P. Computer 21
You will be missed dearly

The team finished early. We had a sack lunch, some chocolate-dipped frozen bananas, and headed back.

‘Round three o'clock, we made our way to the Antiguan markets. It’s huge complex of vendors selling trinkets, textiles, jewelry, chocolate, coffee, bags, knives, belts, paintings, and just about every craft that can be associated with Guatemala. We got a few pointers for bartering and were let loose. Jackie managed to knock a bag from 120 quetzales down to 70 and Aaron continuously impresses us with his ridiculous/hilarious tactics. Many stores had the same things to offer, so the “that vendor offered this same necklace for 40,” tactic became common. The boys didn’t buy anything. We headed back through a market of hilariously produced bootlegged DVD’s and prepared for our fiesta.

Mari had prepared about ten heaping dishes for a full house. Tamales, beans, chips, guacamole, two salsas, taquitos, a cake adorned with “welcome home” and other scrumptious foods, the names of which I do not know. Mari gave us masks and party hats and lined us up for a formal ‘thank you’ for the work we’re doing. We graciously accepted and began to feast. The food was incredible.

After dinner, Mari’s family arrived from dense traffic with big pinatas and big smiles. The pinatas, and the candy, never stood a chance.

From that point, it somehow evolved into a dance party. We may have objected if it wasn’t so damn fun. I could attempt to describe it but I think the pictures (coming later today) will do a much better job.
Our sugar-high bodies fell into a deep sleep.

- - - - -

Sorry for this being late. Our free time is limited. Doing the best we can, keeping it 100% and writing the blog is quite a challenge. I was also sick for two of our adventures this past weekend, so some guest writers will be filling in.
All is still well.




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