July 23 - August 6, 2013

El dia seis

Now the real work begins.

Starting bright and early, our newly divided groups were sent to the schools. Group A (Nigel, Mary Anne, Frances, Eli, Olivia, Andrew, and myself) was sent to Safe Passage (K-12) to conduct half-hour, one-on-one tutoring sessions on Google, PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. The kids and teachers we tutored, for the most part, did not know a lick of english. Google Translate seriously saved us. The women were extremely grateful, as well as Richard, the executive director of the program, who visited us with a very well-spoken, powerful speech of gratitude. He also offered a position to anyone qualified to come and work at the school as an I.T. specialist, with room and board. He extended the offer to anyone we knew, so if you, reader, know anyone that would fancy a once in a lifetime opportunity, shoot an email here.

Group B did exactly what group A will do tomorrow, so I’ll cover it in tomorrow’s entry.

The whole group then went and taught a 5th grade english class. Some groups were more fortunate in their pairing than others- the little boys got really rowdy.

Both groups then taught a series of computer classes, and we headed back.

Exhausted, the dudes watched Argo, and the girls watched The First Time (the apex of cinematic achievement).




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