July 23 - August 6, 2013

El dia siete

None of us can believe the trip is half-way over.

Today Group B (Aaron, Dylan, Henry, Emily, Sally, Kate and Jackie) did what Group A did yesterday. Group A went to Safe Passage (Pre-K) with activities for the kiddies and positive attitudes.

We were divided. One member of the A-Team to each classroom, armed with markers, stickers, construction paper, etc. In my class, I started doling out small strips of paper to the kids. I drew a few animals on my own piece to spark inspiration, but that only made them want my exact drawings reproduced on their paper for coloring. It was a lot of work, but their flawlessly executed Bambi eyes made it impossible to say no.

We did another round of "run, horsey, run!" Everyone (except our backs and nearly strangled necks) had fun.

We rendezvoused with Group B at K-12, and surprisingly, an assembly was in session at the cafeteria. "What's this about?" came from just about everyone. We sat around patiently. The entire team was then invited up to the front and our question was immediately answered. We were receiving thanks for our work. The computer lab teacher said a few words, and then each classroom presented a poster that they had made for us. I wish I could say this made our early mornings, long days and painful language barrier worth it, but that would be understating it. The chaperones did a bad job of concealing their watery eyes. Eli delivered a few words of gratitude en espaƱol and even managed to garnish a few laughs from the crowd.

We waved thanks and goodbye. They did the same.

Back in Antigua, rain hit hard. Even as I'm writing this it's hammering the roof, and the occasional bouts of thunder add a little flavor.

Mari prepared another delicious meal, with a dessert treat of homemade hot chocolate and cookies.

We may watch a movie tonight, but I'm about ready to crash.

But most importantly, parents, we are all intact and in good health. You're halfway through the two perilous weeks of not seeing our beautiful faces.



P.S. New photos in the gallery!


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