July 23 - August 6, 2013

El dia ocho

We got to sleep in an extra half hour today. Anything helps, I suppose.

Our breakfast was questionable by our standards. We were given a plate of beans accompanied by a hot dog. Sally's vegetarian option was the same, minus the hot dog, plus two slices of cheese...

We bused to our new school, Niños de Guatemala. It was a short, bumpy ride, and the front of the bus had us covered with a TV playing awful music videos. If your two favorite artists are Chris Brown and Pitbull, I take that back.

At the school, there was already an assembled computer lab by an organization called "Edulibre." Apparently, it had only been set up a week prior. They also painted the wall with their logo, and installed a plaque outside the door boasting their deeds. The computers they installed weren't only archaic, but they didn't work.

We switched out the fossils for our shiny new ones. Only one had to be fixed this time. Everyone should be happy I chose this summer to learn how to build computers. Especially you, o parents of mine.

We headed back as we came: on the stuffy, rickety "Chicken bus." Instead of Grade D music videos, they decided to play mariachi music- almost completely drowned out by hilariously unnecessary, chest thumping bass.

Back at home base, it was scorching. Mike suggested we visit a nearby hotel for a dip. We all have senses, sweat glands, and brains. We agreed.

We all hopped in the water. It was one of the more satisfying swims I've ever had. We raced, splashed around, and bathed in the Vitamin D. The girls tested how many pictures of themselves in the pool one SD card would hold.

For dinner Mari whipped up some delicious taquitos.

Afterwards the dudes watched Zero Dark Thirty. The girls, going for more of a complex, thought provoker, watched modern classic/running contender for 2013's "Best Picture"/scorer of 13% approval on RottenTomatoes.com, Safe Haven.

And then, we went to bed. Solid day.

- P