Guatemala Bound and Found (minus 1 suitcase)

Subject: Day One

Status: In country, surviving on a thread

Objective: Sleep ASAP

Description: The GuateSquad landed in Guatemala City at approximately 1100 hours 14 July 2015. There was confusion at the airport due to one child (cough Nick) discovering a devastating loss of luggage. Tears were spilled, but due to the GuateSquad's tough and resounding spirit, they were able to make it through those tough times. The GuateSquad then piled their luggage into a cheddar cheese tinted bus, commonly known to bring children to and from school. One hour, 18 cookies, other snacks, traffic, and beautiful scenery later, the GuateSquad pulled into one of the work-sites, where they will be installing computer labs in the upcoming weeks. They were met by a plethora (word of the day!) of school children mystified by the alarming numbers of baggage and the baggage bearers themselves. Finally, the GuateSquad traveled to headquarters, stationed in the charmingly rustic city of Antigua. They were met with open arms and food by the house-owner Mari and her followers, including her parrot Paco and her three identical dogs. Following a quick and refueling meal, the GuateSquad headed out on a mission of sightseeing and ice cream. After racking up a bill upwards of 200 quetzales at the ice cream store, and witnessing a failed bargaining session by Will, they explored the local market. No items were bought since the ATM lines were too long, but plans were made to return in the future. The GuateSquad returned to headquarters where a delightful dinner was devoured. Everyone (except for your noble bloggers here) went to bed early as the GuateSquad prepares to save the world/ install a computer lab early tomorrow morning. Excitement levels are off the charts according to our research as they get ready to meet the students. We shall now follow their lead. Pictures will be posted tomorrow since Miles went to bed, showing his priorities are clearly thought through.

Signing off,

Agents Aidin and Katie