Bubble Wrap and Mini Monsoon

First, we would like to express our frustration in having to retype our entire blog post because we accidentally closed the page without saving. On that happy note, we shall continue to describe this fabulous day.

The day started off with Mike's alarm going off in the boys room at 6AM. Thanks, Mike. The mood was instantly brightened by Mari's scrumptious pancakes, and Aidin's day was made when she gave him four extras. The GuateSquad then began walking to the chicken bus stop, then rode the large school bus at breakneck speeds. Upon arrival, the crew instantly got to work replacing the outdated computers with the old. As the school children gathered to watch the mysterious pale and tall strangers at work, we finished setting up the computers. Miles then thought it would be a good idea to start handing out bubble wrap to the plethora (yesterday's word of the day) of kids, which led to instant chaos. Thousands of bubbles lost their lives to the throngs of kids, and we all handed out sheets to the kids.Once we finally convinced the kids to leave us and our bubble wrap alone, we finished installing the various accounts onto the computers and got to hang out with the kids more. Miles, Aidin, Atticus, and Sam met a bunch of cool kids and got to know them better, and promptly were destroyed in a quick game of soccer with 5 year olds. We then packed into the extremely tight bus back to central Antigua.

We arrived to Mari's house for a quick rest and lunch, which was awesome thanks to the amazing cooking of Mari. Awesome fried chicken and salads awaited us, and we devoured it quickly before heading on a hike. Kate promised us all that it wouldn't rain, despite the ominous clouds. We hiked up the mountain to an amazing view of the city from above, and got in a few great pictures before the weather decided to change things up.

The monsoon rain went from minimal to full out flood conditions in seconds, and we started scrambling to get back to the house. By the time we reached the bottom of the mountain, our clothes were soaked through completely. The streets were flooded with ankle high water, and we got quite a few laughs from passersby on our hungry/tired/wet appearance. We finally made it back to Mari's house, and a few showers later were all back to normal body temperatures as well.

For the rest of the night, we just camped out at Mari's and played various games, including Bananagrams, Spoons, Egyptian Ratscrew, and others. It was super relaxing with the rain pouring down on the roof outside and the cozy atmosphere within. We had another fantastic dinner, featuring beans, tortillas, and a vegetable medley that was amazing as usual. We're all a fan of Mari's cooking here.

Everyone went to bed about an hour ago, leaving us here to slave away on this blog (thanks again for the website troubles). Hopefully we'll be able to post some pictures tomorrow, and we'll have some other people write this so you can get some different point of views.

Buenas noches!



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