All Wired Up

It is now day 3 in Antigua and we're quite enjoying ourselves. We need sleep so this will be a short, sweet note to y'all. For breakfast we had something that made me think of my grandma's house, aka oatmeal. We then had an un-noteworthy bus ride and worked on wiring the computers all morning. During everyone working hard, me and Aidin played with the kids, That's right, we let go of our responsibilities so we could receive the attention. Not to worry, the full GuateSquad made an appearance quickly and the kids joined in our fun with gusto. A massive soccer game began, with the white shirted Team Aidin against the blue shirts Team Nick. The game essentially ended with an absolutely amazing goal by Aidin, that would have no doubt made the Sports Center Top 10 if anybody had been videotaping it. Unfortunately, his goal will only be an urban legend for centuries to come. Everybody had fun signing autographs, using our limited Spanish to talk to the kids, and just having a lot of fun with them. We all were called back in to finish wiring the computer lab, and put us in a good position to finish the lab by tomorrow (hopefully). We then had yet another bus ride at high speeds where SURPRISE we ended up at the wrong stop. We then had a small lunch at home and went to the market where we bought you guys lots of stuff, and attempted to barter with the shop owners with various levels of success. We came home to a quick crimping practice session to prepare for tomorrow. Although a crimping party may sound like some odd new urban dance, it turns out that it really just makes people (cough Aidin) want to flip tables. Thankfully Mari presented us with a welcome fiesta featuring a lot of REALLLLLLLLY good food with a heartwarming speech, transated by yours truly. The rest of the night was spent hanging out with another and playing games, where Atticus pulled off the huge upset beating Nick (previously unbeaten) in Egyptian Ratscrew, easily the highlight of the day. Miles also posted pictures of the last two days, and he'll post some more of today and tomorrow in the next week/year. That's all for now folks, your humble late-night bloggers need their beauty sleep in order to provide you with yet another awe-inspiring story. Wish you could hear the peaceful, drowsy rain as well!

Buenas noches!




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