The Real Story - Totally

First off, we'd like to say many thanks to our previous guest blog poster. He filled in some gaps that us innocent bloggers unfortunately bypassed.

This morning started early, especially with Katie running to the bathroom every hour from 4 AM. Yes, I was sick. But not to worry, your persevering blogger made it through the day--barely. The group received a breakfast of eggs, fruit, and yogurt and granola. We then piled on to a shuttle van to bring us to our new adventure location, Pacaya Volcano. After a 2 hour steep ride to the winding base of the hike, we stepped out of the van to be swarmed by a plethora of children selling us sticks. Not just any random stick, but superb walking sticks. Aidin is an eternal fan of the sticks. We met our guides Sylvia and Paco, who were informative and comedic respectively. A grueling but rewarding jaunt up the volcano led us to some of the most amazing views and spectacular pictures. Our guides discussed how far up they'd let us travel the active volcano. Not to worry, no eruptions today. Fun fact; the second to last eruption of Pacaya was Katie's birthday, May 27th, in 2010. Save the date! We ventured through the forest as the mist started slowly making it's way towards us.

Lunch was at a scenic bottom of the peak of Pacaya. Many of the boys used their sticks to golf horse poop off of the ridge. Few were successful. The girls started off the lunching, sitting on the opposite side of the ridge, trying to pretend they didn't know the boys and their odd fascination with horse manure. The peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that Mari made us reminded us of home, where PB + J are plentiful. After lunch, we entered the crater. Billions of volcanic rocks marked the basin of the glob of rock( actually uses this as a synonym for volcano). Everyone had fun sliding from rock to ashy rock. Unfortunately Daniella scraped up her knee and Sage hurt her hand. Luckily everyone was OK to hike back down thanks to our superior med staff. Paco led us in our expedition to the other side of the concavity, where we gamboled over to a hut known as the Lava Store. After a informative small speech by the two workers, a few of us purchased the hand crafted jewelry made from volcanic rock and coconut shells, where proceeds helped the local community. Our guides then allowed us to roast marshmallows over steam vents, an unforgettable experience. The GuateSquad then made its way down the mountain, some (Loa) got accused of trying to beat horses and was almost bitten by them, and everybody was glad to make it down the rock-face before the rain came.

Everybody was pretty worn out by the hike. We all took a nap on the way back home. We got a scrumptious Italian pasta dinner and went to a new ice cream place called Paps, that was super good. Mike wore Lucas's hair (yup). We returned home to relax, play cards, and fall asleep early. Except for your noble bloggers, who continue to impress (we hope).

Alright, its late here and we're ready to hit the sack. Thanks to everyone who reads the blog, we hope you like it!

Buenas noches!

Atie and Kaidin