A Day in the Life of...

Hello there earthlings, welcome to your humble blog yet again.

We first take you throught the morning with Loa. Chipper as always, she awoke and showered with her usual good attitude. Later she woke her roommates, whom per usual slept in. Breakfast was Loa's favorite, pancakes and fruit. Yummmmmm. Aidin consumed pancakes at an alarming rate, according to our research. Aidin, as well as the rest of the crew, got dressed and ready for a morning spent shopping at the markets. Lucas waited as we took a lengthy amount of time to gather for heading out to call her loved ones. She then walked into the blinding Antigua sunshine. As the group made their calls, Lucas was second to last for amount of call time, only behind Katie. Katie spent probably too long talking to her boyfriend on the phone, racking up quite a bill. Eventually feeling bad for making her friends wait, she headed over to Pap's, the new ice cream place that Miles discovered. Miles was far away from the group of ladies at Pap's at this time, as he was checking out knives at one of the many Antiguan markets. He, and the rest of his mini squad, bought more knives and presents for family members, making sure he kept the mood bright in the small group. Kate checked out tank tops and got a screaming deal, spending only 10 quetzals (about $1.33). She then proceeded to buy her secret sister gift with Loa. Mike was counting money at Café Barista before making his way towards the market, where, for the first time, he noticed all the knives and machetes that were being sold. On his way there, he saw the group of girls en route towards shopping deals.

Craig checked out the San Francisco Church, admiring its beauty(4.5 stars on google reviews). Afterwards he, as well  as the other chaperones, headed back for lunch at Mari's. He enjoyed a chicken and rice lunch as he mentally prepared for the upcoming events. On the walk towards the school, Daniella once again agreed to do Katie's hair on the chicken bus. A bumpy ride and short jaunt to the school later, Daniella and the crew once again passed through the large doors of the school. Will went straight towards the computer lab, ready to crimp away the stressors in his life. He was met by a plethora of wires which he aptly took ahold of, soon off to play basketball with the boys. Sage diligently worked in the computer lab, showing off her organization skills. It should be mentioned that her new hair wrap was striking, and most likely inspired other group members. Meanwhile, Luc dominated the basketball court, at least in his mind. It wasn't too long before he came in to help with the plethora (last Tuesday's word of the day!) of wires in the lab. Philippa cheered on the group as the final testing crimped wires was successfully completed. She overlooked and helped the group as they completed segment one out of two of the computer lab. At 5 o'clock Sam and friends left the school, making sure to say goodbye to his newfound friends. Back on the bus he piled, feeling at home in the crowded chicken bus.

Jaida noticed the pleasant aroma immediately after entering Mari's house. Dinner consisted of taquitos, cabbage, and bread, which Jaida loaded up on in preparation for the girls dance session in the room later on. She especially enjoyed the cabbage, even grabbing some from Atticus. Atticus was unaware of the events regarding his unusually large amount of cabbage, but still was down for some crepes. Judy followed everyone out the door towards the enticing creperie. Her and the chaperones indulge themselves on an apple, cinnamon, and vanilla ice cream crepe. Yummmmmmm round 2. Nick was plain and simple with his cinnamon and butter crepe. He also sadly happens to be the latest victim of the sick stomach scourge :( . When Jazzy got home, she started the girls party with her newly bought speakers. It wasn't long before the girls were teaching each other to dance, with Jazzy's cheer skills coming in handy.

It is now 11;40 here and many are still awake, but the allure of sleep beckons.

Adios from your favorite bloggers

Kit-Kat and First Aid

Daily knife/machete totals= 23!


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