School after School

Day 8 started bright and early (as usual) as we woke up early for a morning excursion. We walked to the other side of Antigua, leaving Miles home as he was feeling sick with the Stomach Scourge. The GuateSquad then got to tour a really cool school that was founded by an American guy named Patrick Atkinson, who came to Guatemala and set up a house for orphans. He continued to help by building this school/clinic/homeless shelter to help the unfortunate people in Guatemala. The place is super beautiful, with amazing architecture and landscaping. Everyone was friendly, and we got to see a ton of happy children, funny babies, and proud parents. It was an unique experience, and definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Here's more information if you want it!

We then returned home to find Miles feeling better, and Nick's condition deteriorating. We had a scrumptious potatoes and chicken lunch, and then left to the school to attempt to finish the final stages of installation. After organizing the remaining wires, we crimped our way through the final 10 cords. Unfortunately, we didn't bring enough wiring to finish the lab, so we'll have to finish on Thursday.  The rest of the school hours were spent playing with the kids, getting caught in another monster rainstorm (Seattle rain is nothing compared to this), and getting on our most crowded bus ride yet. People were literally hanging on to the back of the bus.

We hit up a group salsa lesson on our way back, and got to learn the basics from the mime from a previous blog (find the one with Luc's involvement in a mime routine). Naturally, most of us are pretty bad, except Will who considered himself a pro. Lucas and Jazzy both picked it up really fast, and became skilled quickly. It was a whole lot of fun though, and everybody had a blast.

We came home, had dinner, and proceeded to relax for the rest of the night. We even started this blog early, but to no avail as we are still up and almost everybody is asleep. Oh well.

We'll be visiting the school within the Guatemala City dump tomorrow, which will definitely make for an interesting blog (hopefully more interesting than this one). Thanks for reading this, we appreciate the fame and publicity.


AKIADTIINE (figure it out)


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