Computers Complete!

Another day has been completed here in Antigua, and we actually found WiFi so we'll be able to blog tonight! Sorry again for the issues last night. Here comes our highlights of the day!

We woke up at the usual 7:30 and had breakfast before walking to the San Francisco church, thankfully without the sick Aidin. We visited the grounds behind the church, receiving a tour of the deteriorating, yet beautiful, architecture. At one point we were able to walk in a cave-like structure, which was a relief from the hot sun burning on our backs. After a few pictures, we headed out and broke up into small groups to do whatever pleased us. Katie and Jazzy got some screaming deals at the little market in the church. Atticus, Nick, and Will headed for the little outdoor market by the Central Park, ready to drop some bank. Miles and Mike went in search of fine gifts for their families before they, Sam, and Luc went back home. Jaida, Daniella, Loa, and Kate went home after running some errands. Sage went with Craig and Judy to get a gift (it's a secret) before she went home as well.

Lunch was delicious fried chicken with baked potatoes on the side. Yummmmmm. We soon headed out for the final day of working on the computers, minus the sick Daniella, Aidin, and Sam. The sound of music from the student's fiesta preceded our arrival. The tempting festivities almost lured us away from the work, but we managed to complete the lab within a couple of hours. Good news! GuateSquad completed all 28 computers in our school's lab, making the lab's total computer count 50. This is the biggest lab TSC has ever worked on, and we're proud to have a part in it. After the crimping and wire maneuvering, the girls, and then eventually the guys, went out to dance with all the students. Will gets the special award for the most enthusiastic dancer. Kate also had an inspiring line dance that she popped out a few times during the extravaganza. After about an hour of dancing, we said goodbye to the kids until Monday and left for home.

We ate ice cream before dinner (don't worry, we still ate afterwards). We were all happy to have pasta for dinner, but us teenagers with our boundless appetites still headed out for McDonald's awhile after. We are now relaxing back at home and packing for our trip to Lago Atitlan tomorrow morning. Bets will be taken about who will not have enough time to shower in the morning. It's time to pack up and sleep for our excursion, buenas noches!

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