Boundless Beauty

This morning started like the others, but with one big difference; we were heading to Lake Atitlan for the weekend. After breakfast, we loaded into the shuttle bus along with our tumbling pile of stuff for the weekend. Around 3 hours later, we arrived at the east end of the lake. To reach the city of San Juan where we're staying, we took a small boat and jetted across the dazzling blue water, Kate, Lucas, and Katie especially enjoying playing with the water. The views are incredible. Lush mountain/volcanoes surround the large lake while fluffy white clouds float in the brilliant blue sky. The boat too soon pulled up to San Juan, a short distance to our cabins. Weighed down by our packs, we walked through the cute, artsy town of San Juan quickly.

Fifteen minutes later we arrived at our home for the weekend and got shown to our separate rooms and cabins. The setting is absolutely gorgeous with breathtaking views of the lake, the mountains, and the small surrounding towns. After exploring the densely vegetated land around the structures, we decided to go back to town to shop. It wasn't long before everyone made their way back to the cabins to swim and get ready for dinner. The lake is perfect for swimming, as the water is surprisingly not that cold, and the waves from boats passing by make for an exciting time. After showering, we had an American dinner of barbequed chicken, mashed potatoes, and vegetables, rivaling Mari's delicious cooking. We also had a special surprise dessert of chocolate cookies. Afterwards, all the kids headed down to one of the boy's cabins. It wasn't long before a pillow fight started and chaos erupted. Daniella had a strong hit. Everyone began to get sleepy and headed off into their rooms to relax before rest.

Your bloggers need to do the same, so we end our post with well wishes and pleasant thoughts.

Buenas noches!

Katie the Little Lady and Aidin Who's Now Fadin <-Katie's idea. I take no credit for this. -Aidin


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