Further Exploration of Lake Atitlan

Today started at 5:30 AM for some of us who watched the sunset and 7 AM for the rest of us. Apparently it was beautiful. We had a delightful breakfast before our guide met us for a short hike up to the top of La Nariz, not too far from where we're staying. The view at the top was incredible. The sparkling lake and volcanoes (one even let off some smoke!) were evident, as were little towns that dotted the horizon. After documenting evidence that we made it to the top via many pictures, we made our way back down. We were driven to a different town to explore and eat lunch called San Marcos, a quaint slightly hippy town. After filling up on way too much mushroom pizza, we managed to drag our heavy bodies to the dock for our boat ride to San Pedro, another town close to our cabins. When we got off, we perused the shops for a short bit before most of us took a Tuk tuk(taxi) back to the cabins. A select group of the female variety went back into town to purchase a few items before heading to the cabins.

It wasn't long before everyone got in the water. After some fun time splashing around, everyone got out to get ready for dinner. Dinner was lasagna and a medley of fruits of vegetables. The kids then piled up into the boys cabin for some movie time while the chaperones talked and played games long after dinner. We watched not only part of 1 movie, but 3 for the day. That's what I call an achievement when you're surrounded by outdoor beauty. Now most everyone has gone to sleep, and we're about to as well (as usual).

Buenas noches!

Katie and Fidalgo, the tan goddess


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