El Día Final

It's hard to believe this is our last night in Guatemala, and our last blog as well. Although we love it here in Guatemala, many of us are ready to see our families and friends back home.

The day started off with a lazy morning with breakfast at 7:30 and plenty of free time before lunch. After lunch we headed to the school for the celebration they planned for us. We had some time to chill with the students before they set up speakers around the basketball court and gathered for the celebration. First five of the boys played against four of the staff (and Miles) of the school in a basketball game. Luc led the team to a thrilling victory, assisted by some clutch plays from Atticus, Aidin, Will, Sam, and Nick. Luc and Aidin suffered massive blisters as the result of playing in flip flops, a poor decision indeed. Aidin currently can barely walk, and is really regretting not bringing his shoes.

Following the boy's victory, every TSC member was given an honorary diploma from the principal, congratulating our dedication to the project. The principal and Juan Carlos, the computer teacher, each gave a speech thanking us for coming and making their school's lab "the best in the city", which was a really proud moment for all of us.

The students then performed a series of dance performances, first the girls and then the boys. Some of us were surprised by their song selection, which included Gwen Stefani's "Rich Girl". After many pictures taken with each dance group, it was time for the girls to show off their basketball skills. Five girls that we usually play stepped up to the court, leaving us to choose 5 of our own. Kate, Loa, Katie, Jazzy, and Lucas decided to go against them. Lucas was our star player with some impressive shots, but still not enough to beat the students. That's not to say we didn't get feisty before they won. Luckily before punches were thrown the game ended and we all shook hands peacefully. This game concluded our time at the school and we said goodbye to everyone before heading out. Milli, a little girl who we befriended (especially Lucas), was sad to see us go, but her grandma was the one to tear up and hug us all. It was an emotional affair.

We got back to Antigua a bit later than expected and the boys stopped at the barber shop while most of the girls grabbed some pastries. Everyone met back up at Mari's house a good while before dinner. After eating yet another scrumptious meal, we relaxed and packed for tomorrow. Currently, everyone is in bed and it's only me and Aidin ready to sleep a little before our day of traveling.

And so ends our final blog of this trip. It's been a blast, and countless hours have been dedicated to all you readers' pleasure. Hope it was fun to read!

Adios, we'll see you all in 24 hours!

- katie and aidin


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