June 1-14, 2015

Day One: "Travel Alaska"

We all woke up Monday morning either ready to leave or ready to start packing or somewhere in between. Either way, we each felt the anxiety/excitement of traveling to an entirely new country. That bubble of excitement BURST when we were told by an American Airlines worker that our tubs, filled with monitors and computers for the Guatemalan students, were no longer fit for flying… As of nine days ago, totes were unfortunately banned and we were not made aware before hand. The check-in area of the airport became chaotic, as we all realized our entire mission was at risk, and we might have had to teach the students how to use computers… without computers. Our only option left was to buy $35 dollar bags (32 bags) and check those instead. Next time you think of flying with American Airlines, we suggest you consider flying with a kind airline like Alaska instead.

Nevertheless, the next fourteen hours of flying, which consisted of back pains, neck pains, and unsatisfied, half-awake slumbers--were all worth it when we saw the gates of the Guatemalan airport, knowing that despite the hassle, we had made it --with our computers! In the humid air, we were greeted by an anxious Bob. Two kind Guatemalan young men helped us put all of our luggage onto the back of a school bus, happy to help transport us out of the Guatemala City and into the small town of Antigua.

It took us two hours to reach Mary’s house on the bus. After an exhausting travel, it was nice to have been welcomed by someone that although had just met us, had invited us into her home and considered it to be our home as well. We were immediately sat down and given a plate of traditional Guatemalan food—a salad of cucumbers with a secret homemade recipe sauce by Mary, beef, and a side of rice with vegetables.

After lunch, we all decided to take a trip around Antigua, so we went to the bank, walking past colorful and beautiful markets and houses, along with venders offering us bracelets and instruments. After exchanging our American money, to quetzals we took a stroll to all of the small posts, buying souvenirs to take a little bit of our two week trip home with us. We had a long, eventful day, and after the visit to the market the day dwindled to a cozy close as we all arrived at the house, and one by one, made our way to bed. Of course, this was only mid-afternoon, but because of our sleepless travels, we are perfectly fine with having the rest of tonight to relax and get to know each other more as a team.

Until next time,
xoxo – your fave Guaté Galz, 2015