June 1-14, 2015

Day Two: Awkward Hugs

We woke up to the smell of syrup and panqueques. We were all tired, but nonetheless, excited for our first visit to the school. Breakfast was incredible, and we all were satisfied, some more than others. Soon after, Sally shoveled seven scrumptious syrup-soaked pancakes into her mouth, resulting in our first Guate-malady... in other words she may have gotten a little sick.To help her cope, our second adventure of the day was a roller coaster ride in a pimped out school bus. Chicken buses, as they are called, are crowded, and the back door might not always be closed, but they are quite the experience.

It took us about fifteen minutes to get to the school, where we were met by other students--some our age, others younger. We were clapped into the entrance and thanked for being there to help them with the computers and additional technology. After a few minutes, we were assigned partners, not many of who spoke English, but we all knew a bit of Spanish. We quickly went to work with our new friends, to unpack the bags and evaluate the damage. The good news was that most things were fine and we had enough working technology to sufficiently set up the lab. The bad news was that parts were broken off, some monitor screens were cracked, and a few RAM drives were stolen. Thanks again, American Airlines.

We easily set up the labs, working well with our new partners, and then took a break to walk to a nearby park. At the park we engaged in games and occasionally confusing chatter, but also shared many laughs with the students; mostly thanks to Khoi's antics. Shoutout to Khoi for knowing very little Spanish, but definitely making the most friends! After the break we organized the accounts on all computers, connected internet cables, and then played around on Google Maps. We showed them Garfield in all its Streetview pride and glory and other places in our beloved home city.

Today was a little different than it will be, as all of the students we will be teaching were away on mid-winter break; however we did hear that they should be back tomorrow and look forward to meeting them and continuing our work. We were (are) excited to teach them new skills and make new friends. We will continue to work with our partners every day at the school, and we are also going to a water park with them this weekend, so these friendships that started with an awkward hug and an "Hola" might end up being a very memorable part of our time here.

We left the school around noon, and took another chicken bus back to Antigua. Back at Mari's we were served yet another delicious lunch and then set out on a little field trip. We visited the town and looked at a LOT of boots in one section, and made our way back to the market afterwards. We're all becoming pro hagglers and some of us have been able negotiate prices down (over 100 quetzales down).

The rest of the evening has consisted of a lot of relaxing, and we're all almost caught up on our sleep! We just went out for ice cream for a little dessert, and the weather at night here is really nice. Now, we're all winding down and talking. There is a missionary staying in our house as well and he just told a great ghost story about the house we're staying in...

We'll all be fine, and
Until next time, yo fave Guate Gals ft. Hannah Mummey :)


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