June 1-14, 2015

Day 3: Sweaty Feets and Hot Seats

Today, we woke up a little less tired than the past couple of mornings, and we had a really filling breakfast with oatmeal and sweet bread. Today was pretty eventful, so in the morning we packed for the entire day. The temperature was about 78 degrees and, of course, Guatemala has about 80% humidity this time of year, so it's very warm.

So first, we took the bus to the school, where we met up with our partners again, and gave them less awkward hugs. Together, we worked on the computers today to complete the setup of the lab and to get them connected to the internet. Quite a few computers were off and on the connection every few minutes, and some others weren't connecting at all. We use a router program called RACHEL-Pi, which allows students to access a few select websites for educational purposes -- without any other form of WiFi. Rachel also has an entire database of encyclopedic sources for the students, so it's ideal for a school setting in a country like this. Connecting to the internet was quite the struggle, and its possible that we'll have to crimp our own cables for the ones not connecting. that will have to be another day though, because we ended up switching from Paint to Google Chrome's default "error loading page" dinosaur game (you could look it up, it's really fun). Then we went outside to take a break, where we found peacocks and fish, and Trang also saw a stray kitten (photos will be posted soon!). For the rest of our time at the school, we played around in the yard with a frisbee and a small soccer ball, and it was nice to get some down time. We would need the energy...

With our Guatemalan partners, we left la escuela by bus of course, which is our main form of transportation. The buses are very hot and crowded, but they're nice anyways, because we're always sweaty and the wind feels great! So next, we were to go on a short hike to Cerra de la Cruz, which is a scenic viewpoint with a huge cross (see photos) and a view of the entire city of Antigua. The hike consisted of never-ending stairs, and a lot of sweating kids, but the view at the end was definitely worth it. On the way home, we took our partners out for lunch at Cafe Sky, where we had nachos and drinks. The smoothies were huge!

For dinner tonight, we were thrown a fiesta! Mari made us a lot of amazing food, and celebrated our presence in her home. She is the kindest woman, and before dinner every night, we are told how glad she is that we are here. Of course, she speaks all Spanish, but Jessica always translates for everyone, which is really nice. Dinner was very talkative and fun and afterwards we all got to hang out and talk for a while.

Until next time, your fave Guaté Galz, Kylin and Jessica