June 1-14, 2015

Day 9: Midnight Munchies

Today (pretend it’s Wednesday), we went to the school in Dueñas. It was an early morning, and once again a select few had to get up about an hour earlier than everyone else. They went to the school with Bob, figured out what to do before the rest of us arrived, and showed us how to finish up the computer lab. We crimped the remaining cables, and switched out older monitors (basically TVs) for newer flat screen models. With the lab only needing a few finishing touches, it was off to the school in Ciudad Vieja by way of Chicken bus. Once we were all at the school, we had some time to kill before our charter bus arrived.

With all of our empty stomachs, we went out for pizza, which was amazing! After our quick snack, we drove half an hour or so outside of Antigua to a recreational park. There were fields for soccer and courts for volleyball and basketball, as well as a lot of open space to just relax outside. Inside the park, there were a lot of stray dogs, and while we sat down for lunch, some of us even witnessed a dog trying to high jump as well as I can (Kylin), but it only made it into a trash can, which was probably its actual goal, as it spent a good minute in there before springing out. After a couple of hours at the park, we were all pretty worn out, so we piled back into the bus, and headed home.

We said goodbye to our Guatemalan friends as they headed on home. Once we were back at Mari’s, a few of us went out to get some late night snacks with Jason, and one by one, we all went to bed after our long (last) day of work.

Until next time, xoxo, the bestest of friends, Henry and Kylin

Mike's Bird of the Day: Acorn Woodpecker!


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