June 1-14, 2015

Day 10: Fiesta Foreva

Today (pretend it’s Thursday), both of the schools we worked at graciously thanked us with celebrations for their new and improved computer labs. We first went to a sculpture park that’s actually the park of a five-star hotel in Antigua. We ventured up a ways in weird, open-air, canopied vans (as explained by Henry, who admits he has no idea what he’s talking about). Anyways, we were driven up in groups of six or seven, past a helipad and several artsy installations. Once at the main park, the first group went exploring with Bob (not Dora). There was a breathtaking church that hung off of the hillside and gazed out over Antigua. The landscaping was spectacular and Eliott was so excited by it that, while bounding down the wooden path by the water feature, he smashed his foot through a board. We quickly left the scene of the crime. The second group reported a wooden board being a little out of place, but we have no idea why… Besides that, there was an interesting sculpture of small men with spigots in a rather suggestive place; Khoi found this hilarious, and posed for pictures with them. After both groups reunited, we headed down the hill and wandered the beautiful 5-star hotel (which has macaws!), and then to McDonald’s. Unfortunately, a giant group of school kids made up the line at the counter, so we had to settle for Flurries at the McCafe or baked goods and soft drinks at a nearby bakery.

After eating, we headed over to Duenas, where we were greeted by all of the students and the school band, as well as the principal. He gave us a quick speech about the importance of our work there. Bob also spoke, telling the students to use the lab to further their education. After the speeches, the school band put on a rousing performance with plenty of bass drum. While the band played, we were presented with barbeque chicken and mashed potatoes. We didn’t stay for long, but there was enough time for Khoi to dance with the principal from Ciudad Vieja, and for all of us to see the impact of our work at the school. After goodbyes we headed to Miguel’s house, one of the students. His family bought us all dinner and we were singing karaoke and playing basketball all afternoon. The music was a mix between Guatemalan club music and Shakira. Miguel’s hoop was only 7 feet tall so dunking was aplenty. Eventually as dark was setting in we took a bus back to Antigua to settle down and pack our backs for our adventure to Lake Atitlan.

Until next time, xoxo, Gossip Girl… sorry I had to. *Henry and Kylin (the fastest blog writers around)

Mike’s Bird of the Day: White Hawk!


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