June 1-14, 2015

Day 12: Don't Pick Your Nose

This morning was an early one, as we got  up to go hike “la Nariz”, or "The Nose" in English. Our breakfast was a pleasant surprise as there were crepes, eggs, sausages, and strawberry jam awaiting us as we dined out on a deck overlooking the deep blue Lake Atitlan. We then proceeded to board a bus and make our way to la Nariz. Once we had made it to the foot of the mountain, we hiked through crops of corn as we gained altitude. We made it to la Nariz, overlooking the small city of San Juan, and enjoyed the view as some took selfies hanging off the edge and others ate lollipops. After we soaked in the view, we hiked back down the mountain, jumped back on our bus, and headed back to the bed and breakfast to eat lunch and take a nap. For the entire afternoon, we rested and got the chance to really take in our amazing view from our hotel (a series of bungalows), and some of us (all of the girls) got up to go to the market. We went to the small town of San Pedro, where some of us got virgin pina coladas and we all got to ride in more tuk-tuks!

We all returned in time for dinner, which was really good and let me just say, it included chicken! We ate in front of the gorgeous view, as we did at every meal, and then scattered to our bungalows. After some late nights and some early nights, we all have made our way to bed. Also, there are warm showers! I forgot what it was like to take one.

Until next time, xoxo, Kylin Brown

Mike’s bird of the Day: White Collared Swift


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