Packing Party

Saturday, June 24th,

10:00 in the morning on the first day of summer and the TSC crew is out working to pack for the Guatemala '17 trip. The main task today is loading the computers into the boxes and wrapping them in bubble wrap to protect them for the long journey south. At 11:40 progress if going well, computers have been packed, bubble-wrap has been popped, packing peanuts have been lost, and tape has been stuck to every manner of clothing. Everyone is becoming accustomed to their assigned jobs for the trip: the blogger is learning to craft illuminating posts, Jesse is learning to carry the boxes, and Justin is learning how to avoid work. The weather currently sits at a warm 81 degrees, a number a bit higher than the expected weather in Guatemala. The crew is doing more than just packing boxes, but gaining valuable experience working together as a team. If today is any indication, the rest of the trip will be a smooth and successful one. Every team member is looking forward to the day we go to Guatemala.

-Reed Kass-Mullet