Days 1 & 2: Travel & First Encounters

June 29th, 2017, Tacoma & Guatemala City & Antigua

Traveling: The journey to Guatemala began at 3:00 in Sea-Tac airport. The process of transporting the tubs through security was not quick but went through without any major hiccups. The flight to LA was a reasonable 2.5 hours and most of the group slept through it. Once we landed in LA things started to get more bumpy. In order to reach the terminal for the flight to Guatemala the entire group had to leave the terminal and walk across LAX. After we had a entertaining run in with some poor drivers and two loud fire-trucks we were forced to go through security a second time. After an arduous 4.5 flight to Guatemala we hit another hurdle when customs officials decided that we had brought to many computers and were due to pay a tax. After this long delay we walked out into the humid Guatemalan air and boarded our colorful and decorated "chicken bus" and rode it all the way the to Antigua.

First Impressions of The Town: The cobblestone streets draw an direct connection to the old colonial area. The traffic is crazy, crossing the street is a deadly gamble to get to the vistas of Antigua. We had a tour of the city, saw some cute cats, and retired early to recover from our red eye flight the previous day. The winding streets of the city did result in two students getting lost. After a short panic all students were back at the hostel and enjoyed an authentic Guatemalan meal.


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