Day 3: Antigua

Day 3: Antigua

Friday, June 30th

                Following a day of torrential rain and cloudy skies it was nice to wake up for our first full day in Antigua with the sun shining. After breakfast we took a tour of the ruins inside the Casa Santo Domingo hotel. Following our meeting with some parrots and some gawking over expensive chocolate we took a tour bus up the side of a hill to the sculpture and art area of Santo Domingo. This area provided a wonderful view of the city along with being a picturesque spot for some touristy pictures. There was a quick and entertaining run in with some birds, running rampant on in our hair and on our arms. After a lunch and shopping break we went back the Iglesia de la Merced. We toured the inside of the ruins and got a look at the old colonial architecture. Inside there were arching gateways and a large star shaped fountain. Both of these things proved irresistible to our resident amateur free-runner Jesse who leaped and climbed everywhere he could inside the ruins in a safe and non-destructive manner. Immediately after the tour the team was set loose on the town. Some went to get ice cream, many bought gifts for their families, a few even went aggressively knife shopping. Tired from walking around Antigua, and exhausted from bartering with street-vendors, most team members went to bed early as we knew it would be an early morning tomorrow.

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