Day 4: The First Day in San Juan

Day 4: Antigua & San Juan

No time was to be wasted today; the team was woken at 7:20 in order to eat breakfast and quickly get on the chicken-bus to San Juan. After the initial rush to get ready things slowed down significantly. The ride was long, and very bumpy. Just as we all thought we had made it to San Juan the bus needed to stop and have its breaks checked. Little did we know why. Right after this pit stop we began our descent to the series of villages surrounding lake Atitlan. The road was winding and tight, a hundred foot drop just meters away and the visible remains of where past cars had smashed through the metal barrier wasn’t exactly a confidence boost. After multiple stressful turns we finally reached the bottom and started the final trek to San Juan. Our bus pulled in to the town center: a small park bordered by an arching concrete roof covering a large area that could be used for basketball, futsal, or concerts. Soon after entering the town we all got to finally meet our home-stay parents learn who would be our roommate. After some awkward introductions and suspect Spanish we all followed our new parents to our homes for the next week. After a short tour of the town we learned there would be music and dancing at the town center because of a holiday. There was the initial excitement for live music performed by the Super Combo diamante tropical band. After the first set it sounded good and most of us went home. Little did we know that the music would continue to be played until one in the morning, and keep many team members awake, including the blogger who is currently writing this entry.