Day 5: San Juan & Sleep

Day 5: San Juan & Sleep

             Today was our first full day in San Juan. I’d like to say it was full of exploration and adventure; however, it was actually filled with either sleep or an early morning. Many team members were left tired from yesterday’s travel and were allowed to sleep until 10:00 or even until noon. Others, myself and Luis, were less fortunate. Church started at around 8:15, which meant breakfast at 7:45 and waking up for showers and preparation at 7:25. From my now personal experience as an English-only speaker listening to a Spanish service I know that context is not enough. Many others may have experienced their own unique mornings in San Juan, each specific to their host family, but first –and only– contact was not until 4:00 and there was little time to share. We met in the central plaza and park to discuss the schedule for the week including when we would work in the school and what other activities were planned. Once we had gathered Mike told us our schedule: tomorrow we would have a Mayan Ceremony, followed by climbing the nose of the mountain, followed by zip-lining, followed by a lesson in Mayan waving techniques. All of these events would take place in the morning and be followed by a multi-hour session working in the local school. Later this week there is a session for the team to gather and share what life was like in their homestay, and only then will I know the little things that happened on this quiet Saturday.

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