Day 7: The Mountain

Day 7: The Mountain

                Today we got up at 6:00 in the morning, breaking our past record for waking up early. Today we were planning to climb the nose of the mountain nearby. The nose is the highest point of the range, and is called such as together the peaks look like the silhouette of a face looking into the sky. The climb to the top was not so long as we took a truck to the foot of the mountain, but it was steep. Once we reached the top it was very serene, until the constant blast of American patriotic music shattered the silence. It was July 4th. Despite the noise it was still a very good spot for taking pictures.  Near the very top of the mountain there was a sketchily-constructed watch tower with a untethered and suspect ladder that allowed for an even better view of the lake. At this point we all know safety is not the #1 priority in Guatemala. After a solid amount of time at the top we hiked back down and shuttled back to the town. After a lunch reprieve we met up at the school. Because there was a power outage in the town we couldn’t use the full functions of the laptops so instead we taught short English lessons in the classes. These English lessons varied significantly in success: some accidentally resulted in full class bathroom breaks, others taught some kids –and their teachers– English pronunciations pretty well. At 6:00 school ended and the team went home to either eat at home or meet up later. Further on in the night a large group of members chose to treat themselves to a night out: restaurant food. The food was fantastic at the time; but caused certain adverse health effects on certain members that would last into the coming days.

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