Day 10: Un Bus de Tournée et McDonalds

Day 10,

San Juan and Antigua

            We woke up to our final day in San Juan knowing we would have to say goodbye. Some had packed the night before, others were rapidly stuffing things into suitcases, but we all met in central park at 9:45 to leave. At least one family member accompanied each pair of team members, when it was time to board the bus there was a mix of both heartfelt and awkward hugs and goodbyes. The bus this time was thankfully not a chicken bus but a small tour bus that had headrests and a much smoother ride. It was certainly a much less exciting trip than the way to San Juan, exception being a quick scare for one of the tires. The trip back to Antigua felt much faster than the drive to San Juan, as it always does. I feel as I am not alone in the feeling that the hostel is more comfortable than the homestays, in a way more reminiscent of home. After a week in a small rural town the need for that sense of American-homeliness was strong. Because of this almost the entirety of our team went to the Antigua McDonalds for lunch, and dinner. As a side note this McDonalds was not like an American one; for what I perceive as branding/marketing purposes this McDonalds was the cleanest, biggest and greenest restaurant we have been to, a full garden and courtyard included. After some good old American food we all retired back to the Hostel for the Night. At 8:00 Mike held a meeting to discuss the schedule for the week and our plans for tomorrow. We learned that once again we were to wake up early for a hike in the morning, many of us decided an early night would be the best decision. Besides, I don't think anyone had the energy to go out. -who knew napping on a bus could be so tiring?


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