Day 11: Une Randonnée à Travers la Ville

Day 11,


                Back in Antigua. Back in the Hostel.  Still getting up early. Today the task at hand was hiking up to the Cerro de la Cruz. This is the giant stone cross that overlooks Antigua. These large crosses are quite common across Guatemala, San Juan had a much smaller one that we never visited; they represent the watch of Christ over the towns.  A majority of our walk was not on the hillside but trekking across the city of Antigua itself to get to the park where the cross resides. This short distance meant that many decided not to wear sunscreen or bug spray; this was a mistake. It was not even close to raining, the sun was out overhead and letting you know. The backs of many necks were lost today. When we reached the bottom of the hill we waited for everyone to group up and started our walk up. The path was almost entirely stairs, not a welcome sight. Midway up the path a tree had fallen across the path and had workers attempting to remove it. They had created a steep little dirt path up the side of the hill with the stairs, it was very slippery. When we reached the top it was filled with white people. The Cerro de la Cruz is probably the most touristy thing we have done and it showed, there was no peace and quiet for the cross, but it was a great place for pictures. We watched some Americans attempt to handstand on the railings facing the city and sat around for a bit. The area also had a great view of the volcano overlooking Antigua directly across the town. When we descended the mountain we were set free to wander and the team split up into a few groups. Some walked back to the hostel, others went searching to cats in marketplaces, and I’m sure at least one went to McDonalds. We all knew that we started working at the school tomorrow and tried to relax to the max for the rest of the day. Dinner was served at the usual 8:00. The desert for many was coco-pebbles purchased across the street or just the gift that is purified water. Similar to yesterday many took an early night today as school started at 8:00, meaning we had to get up at 6:45.


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