Day 13: Le Premier Jour d'école

Day 13:


A typical Monday: going back to work. After using the weekend for activities and rest we headed to the School of Hope in the outskirts of Antigua. It would have been extremely expensive to hire a bus to go to school every day, walking would take too long, and so we used to public system of chicken buses. In Antigua, and across Guatemala, they have a system of chicken buses that are used essentially a public transit system. School starts at 8:00 so we left to catch the bus at 7:25, Breakfast at 7:10, wake up at 6:50. When we got to the school we realized how extremely different from the school in San Juan it was. It is an NGO (Non-governmental Organization) school, and it was very organized with periods, bells, and classes. A few minutes in we received lanyards and schedules. Each of us would be assigned to a teacher in pairs to help them out throughout the week. We also started the science experiment which was based on the construction of cardboard cars powered by rubber bands. The project was designed to teach them about acceleration, tension, velocity, and other aspects of physical science. There would also be race at the end of the week, and it was most certainly a competition. One job given to team members Jesse & Luis was helping the P.E. teacher. In other words play kickball and basketball. The kids here aren't very tall, and Jesse being six feet two inches combined with very low to the ground hoops resulted in the bloodbath that was him dunking on every child in sight. No children were injured, that was hyperbole, I honestly don't understand why they liked it. At 2:30 school ended and we took another public bus back to the hostel. The team then did it's regular thing of splitting up into groups and either hanging out in the hostel or going out to eat in the town.


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