Day 14: Le deuxième jour de l'école

Day 14: 


Another day, another day in school. Pancakes for breakfast. Public bus to school. Schedules, same class, same tasks: posters, drawings, and cut out letters. The only break from the pattern was the science experiment. Initially I was critical of it, I wondered why we couldn't just wire up the computers like we were supposed to. But the cars gave us a real chance to bond with the kids, directly help them with school, let them practice a bit of english, and get them excited about school. As of yet I haven't even been in my classroom for a task from my teacher, no interaction with kids, but the cars are that outlet. I know that not everyone's shares my experience in the classroom, but I know that we all like the interaction as result of the experiment. Or at least most people, Justin didn't come to school today because he was too tired and wanted to sleep. After the science we had lunch. I go to public school, school lunch has never been something to look forward too. I shrugged it off and thought I can deal with it, no matter if it was any good. But I was wrong. It was bread, asian rice in a chicken soup and salad. Dare I say it was much much better than the school lunches we get back at Garfield High. After lunch a few of the team members had a break period, free period, and we decided to go to the cafe behind the school. The cafe is located on a horse riding ranch and park owned by a british lady. We walked out of the front doors and turned left to the large arch of ivy that was the entrance to the ranch. Halfway down the tree lined private street we walked past the gardens used by the school as both a class, gardening, and for therapy for traumatized students. Aside from the garden the school also runs a program with the ranch where kids with desensitization or attachment issues can bond with horses. At the cafe some got coffee, croissant, or doritos. Soon after we returned from our excursion it was 2:30 and school was over. Another bus ride, some relaxing time. But at this point many of the team members were a tad bit tired of guatemalan food, and to quench the need for something else Reed, Ciela, Olivia, Justin, Sylvia, Jesse, and Sage went to Domino's Pizza. It was the greatest thing I have eaten all trip. After that we returned to the hostel for the night, some of us ate the food they served there as well. After dinner some of the team went to the roof to stand in the rain and talk, some others relaxed in their rooms and battled for access to the patchy Wi-Fi.


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