Day 17: Notre Dernière Journée

Day 17:


It is our final full day in Guatemala, most of us have to get up at 2:00 tomorrow morning. It is our final day in the school, we are finishing up with all of the kids race cars. The bus ride to the school was more interesting than normal today because we had to board a moving bus. The driver was very impatient. Once we got to school we went to class and played sports. It was the first time in Antigua where the P.E. teacher let the kids play soccer. Halfway through the day we ran out of cardboard in the classes and had to start pairing kids up for the race cars. By the time lunch rolled around we were struggling as only half of the team members were able to come, but thanks to our Spanish speaking leads who did most of the work, we were able to get the projects finished. As school came to a close most kids had finished making their cars and took them out into the courtyard to race them. Luis's heavily sponsored racer won a few, Jason's solid foundations and quadruple rubber band engine gave him some wins, and my double rubber-band four wheel drive won a few. The most impressive car was created by a 5th grader who used extra cardboard to create an entire shell of a car the looked like a real sedan with windows and everything. After school ended we rushed back to the Hostel and packed our things. We used the empty tubs, that initially carried the computers, as extra storage to lighten carry on luggage. I am leaving to fly out on an early flight currently and will be unable to report on the activities of later today. I may delegate the task of blogging about the trip back through Los Angeles to another member. But if I'm honest this will most likely be the last blog. I bid thou a good farewell. Au revoir.