Trip Leads

Logistics Leads: Zoe Storck, Zach Wener-Fligner

Technology Lead: Ryan Killory

Adult Chaperones: Barb Gurley, Michael Storck

About This Project

In February 2010, 18 high school students and 4 adult chaperones from Seattle traveled to southeastern India to set up computer labs in two schools – one in Chennai and another in Karaikal. The Seattle students networked the labs which held 25 computers each. They instructed local students and teachers in their use and maintenance. And they made new friends across the globe.

From one of our partners AID India

"Education plays a key role in creating an egalitarian society. Lot of children in rural areas don't get enough resources in school or at home. Though children in rural areas in poor families and children in urban areas in upper middle class families have the same learning capability, there is a huge gap in what the child gets as a support both in school as well as at home.

In AID India we are running this school to demonstrate really high quality school is possible for rural children with the local teachers and to prove that by providing high quality learning materials and resources to child in school,they do extremely well on par with the other urban kids.

Computer in today's world play a key role. Setting up the computer lab in our Eureka Koovathur school really opened up a huge space for our children to get exposed to lot of things and learn what ever they can and they want to. Computer lab was a dream for us before you entered into our lives we are so happy that the dream came true.

Really there are no words to express our happiness and gratefulness to you.

With regards,
AID India"

The Hindu

The TSC team in India made it in the news in India!