Day 1 - February 6 (or is it February 7?)

The time is 3:10 AM... or maybe it's 8:10 PM. None of it matters. Gone is any sense of time or location. I don't know whether I should feel tired or awake; whether I should be hungry for mealtime or simply content. Of course, the non-stop snacking and twilit light within the airplane doesn't help much either. To the best of my knowledge, it must be dinnertime somewhere (because we just ate a meal unmistakable for anything other than dinner), and a digital map on the wall shows that we are somewhere over Canada's Northwest Territories. Of course everybody's disoriented, but most of the group seems to be taking it pretty well, occupying themselves with the surfeit of TV and movie choices available. One notable exception is Lynna, who fell asleep promptly after dinner after having been up for the previous 36 hours.

Since we left the farewell party in the United area of the Seattle airport, we made it successfully through airport security and got on a plane headed south to San Francisco. Two hours later, we got off the plane, resupplied at various airport food vendors (A farewell hamburger at Burger King for Ryan and Chongsun, salads for Joe and many others, and unidentifiably shaped chicken pieces for Minh Bao), and boarded a new plane to Dubai. The excitement for the plane ride to come climaxed after our first steps on the plane, when we were amazed to find that each seat folded out into its own bed with its own TV. It was a hard fall when we realized that we were in the first class section. Our arrangements include a TV for every boy and girl, but it certainly isn't first class.

Once we got settled, the plane took off; this time heading north. If anyone had looked to the sky at around 6 PM, they might have seen us flying over Seattle for the second and last time en route to India. Other than the disorientation described above, things are pretty calm now, and the lights have gone off since I started typing. The remainder of this post is being typed under a beautiful ceiling of stars.

That's all to report for now. What better spot to say goodnight to the world than the North Pole! Goodnight World.

-TSC India Crew

Note: I am disappointed to say this, but it looks like many of the group members (myself included) are starting to catch something. It's too early to say for sure, but it's not looking like any of us will be fit to go to school Monday. I'll keep an eye on this, and keep you guys posted.


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