Day 4 - Sickness Part II

Although it was inevitable, it wasn’t until last night that we had our first sick cases. Joe, Barb, Mick, and Laura Ahn are still feeling pretty miserable. After some deliberation about what to do with them, it was eventually decided that we should quarantine them in the house and leave for our first full day of work. Two hours of bus ride later we were at the school.  The first thing that we had to do was figure out how to power the computers.  This basically meant that most people sat around and played games, while Ryan frantically ran around testing plugs. Credit to Ryan for figuring it out, but he didn’t do it before frying a computer and causing a startling bang. Once all of the computers were set up and powered, we buckled down to the tedious task of setting up the operating systems.

Sitting next to me was Molly, who prided herself in being faster at every step; creating profiles, customizing accounts, and deleting files. An hour later, she was on her last step.  She was far ahead of me, and don’t think that she wasn’t letting me know it.  She triumphantly called someone over to make sure that she had done it right… she hadn’t. A step had been missed early, and it was hard to fix.  I’m so sorry Molly.  A classic case of tortoise vs. hare.  With a little bit of extra work, the error got fixed, and everything worked out well.  Everybody did a really great job (especially Jenny) getting the operating systems set up, and by the bus ride home everybody was in far better spirits (except Laura Munoz, who might be getting sick).


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