Day 5 - Hey, We Can't All Be Winners

I woke up in the morning feeling like P. Diddy; then I showered, dressed, and ate.  It was exactly like every one of the past three mornings.  We got on the bus minus both Lena and Laura who unfortunately were stricken with illness and joined Joe in the unfortunate business of experiencing India’s own sickness. Two hours later the rest of us were at the school.

Upon arrival, most of the team got down to crimping.  With fifteen people, the task was quickly completed and there wasn't much else for us to do.  For a few, the day's work was not yet done, and we are very thankful and appreciative of Colin, Jenny, Ryan, Ben, and Chongsun, who spent most of the day drilling holes in the concrete, checking operating systems, setting up internet, teaching teachers how to use the projector, and installing the networking boxes.

We have been very starved for internet these past few days and some even have been coming down with internet fever.  So we were very excited when the two computers flashed on the screen telling us that our dial up satellite internet was working.  We all crowed around the computer eager to see what we could find.  Of course, having it been Superbowl Sunday on the 7th, we were all deprived of the knowledge of the victor.  Ben frantically searched Google (unfortunately it was Indian Google and only cricket scores emerged) while Zoe, Ryan, and Zach started making last minute (our internet was that slow..) bets on the scores and the winner. Good thing Ben was smart enough to Google “superbowl” and we were granted with the information that we were all desperate for. I wanted the Colts to win but the Saints are okay too I guess.

After discovering the winner, we spent another 10 minutes trying to plumage for the score. Afterward, there was a scramble for first rights to check Facebook and email.  Unfortunately, the connection was so slow that posting or really interacting at all with Facebook was impossible.  It was like being behind one of those one way glass windows that they use in police stations, we could see in at what everybody else was doing, but we couldn't communicate with them.  We were invisible. Luckily, email worked better and hopefully many of you have received word from India.  Mom, if you're reading this, I have a 33% in Kahn right now, and a 60% in Spang... not to shabby eh?

At about noon it was recess time for all of the children and playtime for most everybody on the TSC India Team.  The frisbee and soccer ball were both hits, and Barb and some of the girls attracted quite a crowd with their hand/counting games.  Also in the yard was a large bouncy slide of an unknown origin.  Wherever it came from, most of the kids seemed hesitant to get on it until Ryan did a show of backflips and gainers.  The kids all cheered and quickly jumped on to try for themselves.  Zach and I also tried... and failed.

Like all things, playtime had to come to an end, and we had to retire to the computer lab.  Unable to help much, Zach took to playing computer solitaire and it wasn't long until he had everybody playing it.  If there's one thing that Zach learned, it's that we can't win all the time.  For those who are unfamiliar, solitaire is a game where success depends mostly on luck, and to a lesser extent, skill.  It appears that Zach has neither, and today his record was a mind boggling 1 and 200 (or so).  (the rest of the TSC Team: 10 and 50).

At about the time we got bored of solitaire, people all kind of split up and did their own thing.  Minh, Natalie, Mick, and I answered questions from children in one of the older classes, some people played soccer, and some just sat and talked.  Then the girls disappeared.  When they reappeared, they were dressed in these beautiful sarees.  The boys also got dressed in dojees; India's answer to the kilt.  We took pictures.

We ended up staying late, but finishing the networking.  We got home and everybody crashed.  Tomorrow is our last day at the Eureka School.

Good morning Seattle, good night India

-TSC India Crew


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