February 10-25, 2012

Trip Leads

Trip Leads: Erik Carlson, Jasmine Ramezanzadeh, Anis Robinson

About This Project

Adult Lead:   Barbara Gurley

This project was a partnership with two non-profits, IDEX and Technology Services Corps (TSC).

IDEX social enterprise fellows undertook two tasks:

  • Created an application process for current IDEX schools (see list below) to receive a computer lab based on selection criteria (see below)
  • Developed a computer curriculum and teacher training program
  • Provide ongoing support and instruction to the schools

TSC provided the following:

  • 15 students and 3 chaperones traveled to Hyderabad to install the computer labs which includes installation of Windows Operating System, Office 2010 software, and other programs.  Laptops donated are being used in the schools.  Unfortunately, 90 computers shipped from the US are still detained in customs.  TSC and IDEX are working with the shipping company to get them released.  IDEX fellows will install them in schools once this is done.
  • The computers are customized to prevent accidental corruption of critical system files and software.
  • Each lab is networked with routers and necessary networking equipment.

Special Thanks

Thanks to the many individuals that made donations to support scholarships for two thirds of the USA high school students on this trip.  Your support has helped change the lives of  all of the students participating -- both in the USA and the underserved schools in India.

It was a very rewarding trip -- TSC team members taught the Indian students how to use the laptops, and had many special times working and playing with the students in India.  The Indian students were fast learners and were using the laptops quickly and successfully.  It was rewarding to see their enthusiasm for learning and using the laptops.


The trip would not be possible without the help of our many partners such as:

  • Cricket Technologies -- for donating 90 Shuttle PC's
  • Synopsys, Inc -- for donating 20 Dell laptops.
  • Another corporate donation of 20 Mac Laptops
  • Jorge Lopez from Columbia Logistics-- for his assistance shipping the Shuttle PC's from Virginia to India.
  • Ashok, Vasavi, Sabri, Annie  and the other staff at ExpoFreight -- for their assistance shipping the computers to India and guidance getting the computers through customs there.
  • AGK for the many hours of assistance helping plan and make arrangements for the trip
  • Sandy and Doug Smith -- for their willingness on short notice to prepare, pack and crate the computers for shipment from Virginia.
  • Jim Webb -- for keeping the computer safe in their home, doing the inventory and helping pack the computers.

Selection Criteria for IDEX Schools to Receive Computers

An IDEX review team conducted a site visit to each of the applicants to assess how well they meet the selection criteria.

The schools had to satisfy criteria such as the following in order to receive hardware:

  • Demonstration of strong school administration, academics, and student needs
  • Appropriate facilities to ensure the security of the computers
  • Appropriate facilities to ensure usage of computers (classroom space and electrical capabilities)
  • School interest and commitment to working with IDEX to ensure appropriate and robust utilization of computers, including training teachers

List of Current IDEX Schools

All of the 32 schools are Affordable Private Schools in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Area. These schools serve marginalized populations not participating in government education. All of them are paired with one IDEX Fellow, who works with them over a 10 month period to help improve their services to students. Schools are typically nursery age thru Class X with school strength ranging from 300 students to just upwards of 2,000 students.

  1. Dawn High School
  2. Alliance International School
  3. Grace Model School
  4. Diamond Mission School
  5. Lohia's Little Angels
  6. Mohammed Memorial School
  7. Monarch High School
  8. Rank Creative School
  9. Jyothi High School
  10. Al-Falah High School
  11. R.S.K. High School
  12. Vaidehi Dolphin School
  13. Sri Durga School
  14. Shantiketan High School
  15. Dr. Reddy Foundation School
  16. St. Mary Joseph School
  17. M.S. High School
  18. Hymavathi High School
  19. Hari Hara Grammar School
  20. Pragati High School
  21. Obedient Concept School
  22. Tagore's High School
  23. V. Divya Jyothi School
  24. Urooj Model High School
  25. IQRA Mission School
  26. Ravi's Brilliant High School
  27. Springdale Grammar High School
  28. Ushodaya School
  29. Al-Amena High School
  30. Adarsh Vidalaya High School
  31. Patel School
  32. New Little Scholars School