February 10-25, 2012

Day 4

Breaking off into the same groups as the day before, we sped away on autos to our respective schools. Erik had stayed up late the night before installing Tipp10, a typing program, and a program similar to Microsoft Paint onto all of the computers. When we got to the schools, each of us took one laptop and paired up with two kids to begin teaching. Many of the kids had never typed before, but they were very quick to learn. Some students, who understood English better, would help teach those who struggled understanding us. It was hard to keep the kids’ hands on the keyboard in proper position as they could type faster using a hunt and peck method. However, after a quick demonstration of how quickly I could type a sentence, they were convinced that using all ten figures was much faster.

After we finished teaching, we took off for a delicious lunch. The food was amazing but one dish of purple-colored chicken was the spiciest thing we had had yet! With burnt mouths, our travels took us to a large exhibition fair, with many stands to purchase goods, and some sketchy amusement rides. My group of four was the only one to hop on the large, fast, rickety Ferris wheel. It was pretty terrifying. We continued walking around the giant fair, buying stuff for ourselves and gifts for others. Jackson cleverly traded the fake watch that he had bought at Charminar for three scarves that were all more expensive than the watch, by convincing the merchant that the watch was from America. I believe this will be the only time that a store owner gets the bad end of a deal from one of us. Too tired to go out for food, we ordered take out and all quickly got ready to sleep.



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