February 10-25, 2012

Day 5

As usual, the boys all slept in the longest, staying at the hostel while others ate a good Indian breakfast. Soon the IDEX fellows arrived, one with a new and ridiculously awesome moustache (some girls begged to differ. They said he looked like a pedophile.) Now split into two new groups, we traveled to two new schools. My group caught a rickety bus that squeezed its way through the outer Golconda Fort walls. We arrived a little late at our all Muslim school, but were nonetheless greeted by a delicious lunch. The school master brought plate after plate of delicious biryani rice, insisting that we continued to eat. With stomachs ready to burst we prepared lessons for the kids.

Most of the kids had been exposed to Microsoft Word and Power Point but beyond that, no exposure to the internet.  We started by teaching how to navigate through Google and Wikipedia and then ended lessons with some Nobel Prize Education and Free Rice.com games. The kids were quick to figure their way around the internet, their skills drastically improved by the end of the lesson. By 4:30 when we finished teaching, we were incredibly worn out. Much respect was gained for how difficult it is to teach, but also how incredibly rewarding it could be.

After the groups had reunited, we visited a beautiful baobab tree that was only a ten minutes walk from the school. Led by kids from the school, much more valuable time was spent bonding with kids. Standing next to the massive tree, we had a small dance party to a Justin Bieber song, played from one of the child’s phones.  Kids from every school were always elated if they could convince us to sing or dance for them. Next we visited the beautiful Golconda Fort, led by a quick paced and enthusiastic guide. After viewing a light show in the fort accompanied by its history played over loud speakers, we made our way to a delicious veggie dinner. The food there was delicious and surprisingly not too spicy, by this point everyone was ready for bed. Everyone returned safely on autos, but we would not slip into dreamland until we battled and defeated our first centipede and cockroach. The girls were a little unsettled… Don’t let the bed bugs bite!



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