February 10-25, 2012

Day 6

Today we attempted to get an early start, but due to sleepy kids and late buses we didn’t arrive at the schools until 10 o’clock. Everyone continued teaching at the same schools as yesterday. Some worked on internet use, some on typing and others just spent valuable time bonding with kids. One of the two schools closed early at 12:30, and they gave a wonderful presentation to display some skills and show their appreciation for our work.

After many thank-yous and goodbyes, we departed to join up at the other school. Once everyone was together, the boys were taught an extremely entertaining game called Kabbadi. This game involved chanting “kabbadi” over and over while trying not to be caught by the other team; it was a blast! (It’s a bit more complicated than this, if you are interested, look it up! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kabaddi ). While the boys played this rather violent game, the girls learned a type of traditional stick dance. It sounded very difficult, but by the end they were all experts. After a few rounds of cricket, Nigel and one of the teachers compared dance moves, calling it “the crazy dance of Hyderabad”.

Exhausted from all the teaching and fun, we passed up the opportunity to nap to visit a small theme park by the Buddha statue in Hyderabad’s lake. Here we hopped on a ride or two and hung out on the grass. Soon some locals started a game of Kabbadi on the grass field and the boys gladly jumped in. After the game ended, everyone was ready to crash. We headed back to the hostel, ordered some food, and hit the hay.



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