February 10-25, 2012

Day 8

Sleeping in sure feels good here! Although the ground had become our bed, everyone seemed to wake up feeling great. It is Sunday today, and schools are closed, so we got another free day full of R&R. Barb cooked up some delicious scrambled eggs with onions and peppers, which tasted amazing after a few days of having candy and Chocos (Indian cereal that is a knock-off of cocoa puffs) for breakfast. After relaxing around our new home and showering under heated and pressured water, we took off to HITEC City to hang out. Here we went to an arts and crafts market that was great for shopping. At last the boys found a shop where they could buy clothing for themselves! Everyone walked out of the market with something new (some maybe had too much new stuff... *cough* Mia *cough*) and some were starting to run low on rupees.

Satisfied with our new purchases we headed off to a nearby hotel to cool off in a pool. After sweating in the hot sun a swim really hit the spot. The weather here has been getting a little hotter every day, and the forecast for the rest of the week continues to show this trend. After hanging out for awhile in our first tourist location, it was time to leave for dinner. We headed back to Secunderabad to visit one of the IDEX fellows' favorite restaurants. It was delicious, with some of the best biryani rice yet. With incredibly full stomachs we went back to the apartment to hang out and get ready for sleep; what a relaxing day!