February 10-25, 2012

Day 9

Today was a holiday here in India - schools were closed, many businesses had shorter hours of operation, and government offices were for the most part closed. What did this mean for us? We were much... less active than usual today. This 3-day weekend has been a much-needed break from the long, tiring days of teaching that we had last week. Today the group lounged about the house, as some took small excursions to nearby locales. The boys (as usual) woke up late, then went out to a barber shop down the street. Chris and Matthew got quality haircuts for 70 rupees a piece (approx. $1.40), while the rest of the group got hot shaves. It was excellent. Many of the girls took this day as an opportunity to go shopping, visiting some nearby bazaars and Fab India, the local equivalent of Forever 21 or American Eagle. Others stayed behind, tanning on the roof (it was 93 degrees and sunny today) or catching up on homework. The boys started a game of high-stakes poker, with Jackson cleaning up as the ultimate victor. The girls cooked pasta for dinner, as we enjoyed our first home-cooked meal; it was a welcome change from biryani rice and naan. Tomorrow we will resume work, going to teach at schools and work with computers. I can't believe that we are already in our second week - this has been an amazing experience, and time is flying by at an unbelievable rate.

- Erik