February 10-25, 2012

Day 10

Our tenth day began in the same way as all others since we arrived at the IDEX house, by eating another delicious breakfast cooked by Barb. We split into two groups to start our week, having enjoyed our uneventful weekend.  We then departed the house, late as usual, having prepared ourselves for what we expected to be another long day of teaching. One group traveled to Will’s school while the other went to Nikki's. When we arrived at Will’s school the first group split into two smaller groups, with Chris, Nigel, Jackson, and Judy walking to Faisal's school. They were warmly greeted by his school master’s epic stache and more plastic cups full of Sprite. Problems arose when Jackson began to have the tummy rumbles, prompting him to head home early. The rest of the group soon followed, curtailing their Tipp 10 session with the eager students. Over at Nikki’s school, the group was greeted by a female school master, a rare sight in Hyderabad. The groups at Nikki and Will's schools had much more successful teaching sessions, and headed home at the usual time of 2 o'clock. Once everyone had arrived at the house, several students and one of the chaperones began a poker game to follow up on the epic game of the previous day. The game was soon joined by several IDEX fellows, and not surprisingly, the resident gambler of the chaperones quickly accumulated a plethora of betting cheerios in his mug. The game ended up lasting for almost 7 hours, ending with both players going all in on a blind hand. Needless to say, the losing party was not too happy with the result. The girls (probably) checked their Facebooks and talked about boys. Much Imodium and z-pac were consumed before bedtime in an effort to do away with the various health concerns that had arisen, and the group as a whole turned in for a well needed night’s rest.

- Nigel


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