February 10-25, 2012

Day 11

Today was very similar to Tuesday; we awoke late to a scrumptious breakfast prepared by Barb, then split into two groups and headed out to our respective schools. The group that went to Nikki's school had a nice, relaxing day. Because we had taught many of the classes on Tuesday, there were fewer kids to teach today, and therefore the vibe was decidedly more relaxed. After some typing lessons, many of the kids started playing with our cameras, with Mahie and Shewit being specific facets of their attention. Erik was not feeling very well, so he took a nap on one of the narrowest benches I have ever seen. The group at Will's school had a more hectic day, with many kids asking for autographs and contact information. The kids in particular loved the art Judy made in Paintbrush.

After the school day was over at 3pm, the two groups met up again for a journey by bus to downtown Hyderabad. We all climbed onto an old, rickety bus, where we were confined for an hour and a half. Finally stepping off the bus at almost 5, we breathed a collective sigh of relief, enjoying fresh air and ample leg room once again. We took this opportunity to go into the towers of Charminar (a very large mosque), and take in the view. Under the early evening sun, the panorama before us was breathtaking. From that point above the city, it was very apparent just how dense and crowded the area really is. After the towers closed, we wandered around the market, snatching up deals on bangles and scarves. Once our thirst for shopping was quenched, we got back on a bus for the very long ride back to Secunderabad. After a nice meal, we arrived back at the house around 11pm. The girls listened to music and talked while the guys played FIFA and darts. Climbing into bed tonight, it is hard to think that we only have two more days left in this amazing country.