February 10-25, 2012

Day 13

Time in India has really flown by, yet the group seems so used to everything that goes on here. No longer do you hear complaints of burning mouths at dinner, nobody cares that the showers aren’t hot, and everyone is calm riding on autos that swerve into oncoming traffic.  After a late start this morning, we headed to our respective schools. We had some trouble getting autos to the bus stop nearest to our school, but after some haggling Beline snatched up two vehicles and we were off to meet the energetic kids of nursery through the interested students of 10th class. At Dolphin high school, Matthew, Jasmine, Tsedey, and Laura were asked to sing the American National Anthem for the younger students, and Matthew serenaded them with the most enthusiastic voice. After teaching classes about basic computer functions, the groups met up at a local restaurant for lunch and had great fresh food and Slice mango juice.

Once our final day of teaching was over, we headed back to the arts and crafts center in HITEC City to spend the rest of our rupees. The shopping venture was very successful, with many people emptying their wallets. We soon arrived back at home and got ready for our last dinner. All the Idex fellows that we worked with showed up and ate with us. It was a glorious dinner to end the trip with, ending with goodbyes to our new friends. After dinner it was time to head home and pack. I want to thank Barb so much for working so hard to make this trip happen, Wyatt, and Beline for being awesome chaperones, the whole Idex crew for working with us and hosting us, and everyone who signed up for this trip, who were all great to get to know and were awesome on this trip.


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