Trip Leads

Trip Lead: Madeleine Heller

Technology Lead: Lynna Tran

Adult Chaperones: Amy Arvidson, Bob Huppe, Adriana Lara Espinosa, Jessica Lobato

About This Project

In July 2010 a TSC crew built a computer lab at a high school in Balg├╝e on Ometepe Island. This summer we will be returning to Ometepe Island with 14 Garfield students to work in that lab. We will be training students in the use of the latest software, updating the computers and connecting with Nicaraguan students through a series of intercultural events.

Video Highlights

Here is a short video of our lab we built and will be working in:

Jose Luis shows off the lab and talks about the need for a new keyboard. Since this video, we have purchased him an external keyboard which makes it easier to use the laptop. We still hope to bring a laptop to him this summer.