Team Retreat

This weekend our team took an overnight trip to Cle Elum. We stayed at the beautiful house of Dick and Taffy. The team bonded over various pool games, such as volley ball and water bad mitten, and enjoyed long and meaningful talks in the relaxing hot tub. After the pool fun we all gathered in the backyard for some bocce ball. This game consists of a starter ball, which can be thrown anywhere in the yard. Each team of two then tries to hit the starter ball with their heavier and more colorful balls; whichever team gets their ball the closest to the starter ball gets a point. We all enjoyed bocce ball and decided take it to Nicaragua with us.

Later in the night we experienced our first of many dinners together. We feasted on spaghetti, garlic bread, and salad, and swapped funny traveling stories. Cleaning up after dinner went fast because there were so many helping hands.

After clean up we ventured into the forest surrounding the house for a little hike. We didn’t make it far before sitting down on some logs to rest. Realizing it was getting dark we walked back to find a campfire waiting for us. We all sat around the camp fire and ate smores. For our second dessert we had a luxurious chocolate cake. We ate it watching videos from past TSC trips.

First we watched the Ecuador video, and next the Nicaragua video from last year. The video was full of funny highlights of the trip and the perfect sing along music. Seeing where we were going boosted everyone’s excitement for our own trip.

At night we stargazed from the hot tub/pool before returning sleepily inside. We climbed into our sleeping bags and started watching The Hangover. The movie was turned off about one third of the way through, when the boys went upstairs to go to bed. If you were like me, you didn’t even realize the movie was turned off because you were too busy sleeping.

At 9:30 everyone woke up and enjoyed a delicious breakfast of pancakes, bacon, pineapple, cereal, muffins, and orange juice. We cleaned house before gathering in the living room for our important trip meeting. At the meeting we talked about what to pack, airplane procedures, foods you shouldn’t eat in Nicaragua, recommended medication, the home stays, and so much more. Each student was also asked to share their personal goals for the trip, this gave the chaperones and trip leads a better idea of what activities to focus on. The meeting was long, but very informational. Afterwards all the kids enjoyed one last swim in the pool and a tasty lunch before loading the cars to leave.

The retreat was extremely fun, and allowed the team to bond before leaving for Nicaragua. Also a big thank you to Dick and Taffy who generously let us stay in their home. You guys are amazing.