Days 1 & 2 - The Trip

We finally arrived at our destination, The Finca Magdalena, after a tiresome 23 hour commute. We traveled from Seattle to Houston, where we had a 3 hour layover before boarding our next flight to Nicaragua.

There are two immediate differences between Seattle and Nicaragua. The first is obvious from the second you leave the airport. The humidity amplifies the 85 degree weather causing for our team to become very tired and very sweaty. The second difference is not as noticeable. Flying into Houston or departing from Seattle one finds the view from the airplane filled with glowing roads and building lights, but when we landed in Nicaragua we were welcomed by large green forests and farm lands. The change in landscape is refreshing.

We all gathered into our next means of transportation; a rickety short bus with fold out seats. Our luggage was placed in the back of the bus and strapped to the roof. After a hour or so we arrived in Managua where we ate our fist Nicaraguan meal. There was variety of foods to choose from including chicken, potatoes, fried plantains, and of course rice and beans.

In another couple hours the bus reached Lake Nicaragua. The weather was unbelievably hot and the cool lake water so tempting. However the ferry arrived with no time to spare. The sky deck of the boat provided the perfect light breeze as we enjoyed the beautiful view of Ometepe Island. The giant volcano looks much bigger in real life than in the pictures. The sun set at an unusually early hour creating a pink sky and a cooler temperature.

The team loaded off the ferry and onto our next bus around 6 pm, though the darkness suggested it was much later. After 45 minutes the paved road turned into a rocky and bumpy obstacle coarse. Unfortunately one of our crew members, Charlotte, got sick on the ride. But not to worry parents, she is being well taken care of, and drinking lots of water with her Pepto-Bismol.

We are staying at the Finca; a cozy hostile complete with hammocks and running water. We are split into two rooms; one for the boys and one for the girls. Each person gets their own cot and mosquito net. For dinner we each got a plate of chicken, rice, beans, coleslaw, and tortillas. Its was a feast! However no one ate the coleslaw, just in case it contained bad water. After dinner, everyone took showers. Though the showers only consisted of a stream of cold water, they couldn’t be more refreshing.

At this moment, all the team members are unwinding and relaxing in the comfort of the Finca. They are day dreaming of their adventures tomorrow at the school, while swinging in a hammock.


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