Day 3 - Nicaraguan Lunch

Our first official day began at 8:00 am. We enjoyed a breakfast of rice mixed with beans, an eggs and meat dish, fresh fruit (all with thick peals of course), and fried cheese. After our feast we gathered things and set out for the school.

The school located a mile or so from the Finca, consists of multiple buildings with one central concrete volley ball court. As we sat in the school, the students welcomed us with dance and drink. The drink was bright red and fizzy; it was unbelievably sweet. After the introductions and the singing of both national anthems each student was put in a group of four for lunch. TSC members with no knowledge of the Spanish language were paired with Nicaraguans who took English.

We went to the Nicaraguans' houses for lunch. In my group ate a fantastic meal of rice, and an entire fish, complete with a head, fins, and eyes! To be polite, everyone ate everything, despite the meal being huge. The strange thing is that the Nicaraguans only ate a plate of watermelon. I felt bad that they made us such an expensive delicacy for us, but could not afford to eat it themselves. We did however pay the families money for the food. We watched the wandering chickens, dogs, and ducks as we ate.

Back at the school the team members joined a game of volley ball. Playing the sport with the students was the perfect way to interact with the students without speaking. Speaking to the students is a little difficult. It is hard to find a conversation topic that lasts for more than 2 minutes. After the general “what is your name?” and “how old are you?” it is hard to find a longer conversation topic. However it got easier to communicate as the day progressed because everyone became more confident with their Spanish.

During our volleyball game it began to rain. This is not the average Seattle rain; light and constant. The Nicaraguan rain is lasts only a short time, and it is extremely hard. If one does not find shelter they are soaked in literally minutes. Though the Nicaraguan students ran for shelter, the TSC members continued the game of volleyball in the rain finding it cool and refreshing. Unfortunately, because the air is so humid, our clothes we never fully dried.

Next the team was asked to help in a English class. We revised their paragraphs and tried to hold a conversation in English. After the class we went to the computer lab. We showed our partners, the same ones we ate lunch with, our personal PowerPoints before asking them to try making their own with sample pictures already on the computer. It was difficult to explain PowerPoint because we were never taught Spanish words about technology.

Once we were back at the Finca we read, napped, and played various games such as checkers and jenga. For dinner we ate a delicious combination of rice and red sauce. Before bed we enjoyed a peaceful star gaze outside the Finca next to the coffee plants. It was cooler than the night before making it easier to sleep. Oh, and not to worry, Charlotte was back to her perky self in the morning. We think she just had motion sickness.